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Thank you for visiting this web page. My name is Gert van der Merwe, Independent Realtor at eXp Realty South Africa. The purpose of this page is to introduce and play a decisive role, in the decision agents take across the globe in joining eXp Realty, to such an extent that they choose me, or agents in my network, who introduced them to eXp Realty, as their sponsor when joining.

We do appreciate your time and are extremely excited about what eXp Realty in combination with my other two businesses, “Private Buyer” and “Realtor Support Centre”, as a 3-in-1 Service Offering, is doing for serious agents like you, particularly on how we can impact on your future earnings.

I am a business developer by profession with more than 30 years’ experience, who entered the real estate industry from 2003 when I bought my first investment property, and Realtor since 2015.

As turnaround consultant and financier, I've seen and assisted a lot of different businesses with different business models and can truly say that what eXp is offering is beyond my wildest imagination. With the added value from Private Buyer and Realtor Support Centre, you will be in the best position to convert your career into running your own lucrative Real Estate business.

3-in-1 Business Solution

Offered by 1st2Call Realtor - Powered by eXp

Solution One

We introduce you to the best Real Estate Business Model available, to maximise your earnings from what you are doing already. We help you to compare the financial impact of each of the options you are considering, based on a monthly analysis of your earning potential over a five-year period. (Free of charge)

Solution Two

We give you access to, to generate extra deals, and earn from additional income streams.

Solution Three

With Realtor Support Centre (RSC), we assist you to implement more of a business approach, starting by setting up a customized but simple business plan, helping you to implement & grow your businesses to earn from transactions across the globe, working towards you becoming financially independent.

Disrupting technology operating in the cloud

eXp Realty is a market disruptor and they are disrupting the Real Estate industry through using phenomenal technology. We've seen it happen in industries like the hotel industry, where you've got Hilton Hotels worth 4 billion US$ and then you've got this company called Airbnb that comes on the scene and it's not just another hotel group with a different colour branding, it's a complete disruption to the market. Airbnb is worth four times what Hilton Hotels are worth, and they don't own one property.

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Why we grow so fast.

The writing is on the wall for old-fashioned business models - It’s just a matter of time – It’s over. With 10% or more of eXp agents actively involved in attracting new agents, at some stage eXp had more than 8 600 people assisting in growing the business earning commission, compared to 813 of a competitor earning salaries.

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Turning employment into running your own Real Estate business

The best way to illustrate the real value of what eXp Realty is offering agents in the field, is to position agents within Robert Kiyosaki’s four quadrant model.

The majority agents earn money in the E quadrant, while the two quadrants on the right side (B & I) are the primary paths to financial freedom.

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Profit share as shareholder

Exp is not a franchise model, with the agents as the owners of the business. It is listed on one of the major stock exchanges in the states, the tech Stock Exchange, where Facebook, Google and Apple are all listed, called the NASDAQ

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Earn Revenue Share

The opportunity to earn Revenue Share, is really where the magic starts. If you help to grow eXp Realty, you will get a bigger and bigger slice of the revenues of the company, allowing you to leverage your existing comission earnings with additional income streams.

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Earn Foreign currency.

The eXp Model provides for you to earn from 24 counties in the world, where agents in your downline work as estate agents in these foreign countries, and you can benefit on the company portion of their transactions. The revenue that the company makes is getting shared with us.

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CAP on company contributions

The first thing agents tend to do, when comparing different employment opportunities, is to enquire about the commission split. Although the percentages are important, the initial split is not the be all and end all.

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Earn Secondary Income

One of the benefits of eXp is that on any of your secondary incomes, you keep 100% thereof for yourself, as eXp do not want to participate. This includes commission earned on management rentals and commission on bond referrals.

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Best Training

eXp provides the best training of any real estate company on the planet. That's a bold claim that is justified when we get to the fact that there is no company that even comes close to comparing with exp's training.

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Best working Environment

Moving away from Brick-and-Mortar into the Virtual world.

Like mentioned before, eXp requires a different mindset from that of an employee employer relationship. The model excludes the reliance on brick-and-mortar offices, and one needs to embrace the phenomenal technology eXp developed for their agents, to experience the true value of this unique working environment.

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Embracing AI in Real Estate

eXp Realty is a real estate brokerage that operates using a cloud-based platform, and they are known for incorporating innovative technologies into their business model. eXp Realty is constantly seeking ways to use ChatGPT in their operations to enhance interactions with clients, provide information, and streamline communication processes.

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Growing your business

The eXp Business Model rewards excellence, so the better you do the better the model works for you. To get to everything you need to do as an independent agent is very challenging, resulting in a need for assistance to convert your employment into running your own business.

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How to Join

Good for you, if you are considering joining eXp. You need to join in the country you intend operating in, as different countries have slightly different steps to follow. This web-app is there to assist you, irrespective from where you are.

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We highly value your insights and eagerly anticipate your thoughts after reviewing the presentation. Your feedback is of utmost importance to us as we embark on this thrilling journey through our three businesses in one service offering.

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