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About Us

Creating a win-win for buyers, sellers and realtors alike.

By offering you our 3-in-1 business solution.

Gert Van Der Merwe, Founder of PrivateBuyer and Realtor Support Centre, adding value to running my own real estate business called 1st2Call Realtor, powered by eXp.

My passion is to assist Realtors to work as a team, in offering clients the widest range of options, beyond agency and area borders, in a way that protects sellers against the risk of having to pay double commission. To embrace new technology and improve the level of service, and allow fellow Realtors to change their lives for the better forever.

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Why 1st 2Call Realtor as buyer or seller?

By contacting us 1st, it enables buyers to be offered the widest range of properties on the market, without having to face a bombardment of real estate agents, each chasing their own interest, instead of dealing with what is best for their clients. We work with all agents offering properties for sale.

As a seller, you can be rest assured that all our realtors are prepared to work with and share with any agent bringing a buyer interested in your property. We share our listings to the widest possible audience, including 35 international websites, Property24, Private Property, Gumtree, IMMO Africa, TPN Rent Bay, Prop Bay, Commercial People, Qwengo, and My Property syndications.

1st2Cal Realtors furthermore makes use of to advertise what buyers are looking for, enabling sellers, or their representatives, to offer their properties to these buyers, in a way that is easy and fast. Ideal for FSBO’s and Realtors to source listings.

1st2Call Realtor, is the brand name for our own Network of Realtors “Powered by eXp Realty”, the highly successful, and fastest growing real estate company in the world. With eXp we have more than 1100 Realtors in RSA, and 90 000 + in 24 countries to support our service offering. By embracing the benefits of virtual technology, we are able to bring you deals, irrespective of where you are, as long as you have internet access.

Adding to the phenomenal business platform eXp Realty is already offering, 1st2 Call Realtors add the following to their value proposition:

  • As independent realtor, be selfless and willing to work in a team across agency and area borders, to offer clients their best possible solutions.
  • As shareholders in eXp Realty, to have the positive mindset of a successful business owner, compared to that of an employee.
  • Use to improve deal flow for each other and protect those who form part of the effective cause of a sale.
  • Use Realtor Support Centre to grow their businesses and implement their business plans.
Using this web-app?

Click on the 1st2Call Realtors tab, and then on available properties of the Realtor you work with, to view all eXp properties available in the country you are registered in.

Realtors who consider joining us, or who are just interested in finding out more about the eXp business model, can click on Why Join eXp. To delve deeper into what we are offering, we require you to register how you got to know about us. We then provide you with a comprehensive list of general- and country specific information.

Rest assured that registration is only needed to find out a little more about you, so we can serve you better.

We don't pass any personal information on to any 3rd parties.

Click on the Country Info tab, to find out what eXp is offering to Realtors in different countries. 1st2Call will add additional Country Info in this tab, as soon as a Realtor in another country joins our Network.

By clicking on our Service Providers tab, we link you up with and, to add further value to our total service offering.

Click on the virtual offices tab to visit our offices in the cloud. You are welcome to stroll / scroll around in your own time and see what we all have on offer.